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‘And Just Like That’ Season Finale Recap: Stiletto on the Other Foot

But as Charlotte told us in Season 3 in a decidedly un-woke conversation about bisexuality, “I’m very into labels,” and she wasn’t talking about Gucci and Versace. Charlotte has worked incredibly hard to obtain all of hers: wife, mother and especially Jew. “Someone is going out there and getting they-mitzvahed today,” she says, glowering. In a fitting twist, that someone turns out to be Charlotte.

Meanwhile, Carrie spends much of this episode haunted by Big. An old lamp flickers off and on inexplicably, even after she has it rewired, and she can’t help but wonder if Big is trying to tell her something from beyond the grave. Is he mad at her for the lukewarm kiss she shared with Peter at her doorstep? Is he just sick of being stowed in the closet next to her old shoes?

Perhaps Big would have told her more explicitly if he had appeared to her more plainly, and originally, he did — he was cut from Carrie’s dream sequence after allegations of sexual assault surfaced against the actor who plays him, Chris Noth. Instead, Carrie has to rely on her interpretation the dream, in which she finds herself in Paris, standing in the street as a line from their love theme, “Hello It’s Me,” rings out, partly in Big’s voice: “It’s important to me that you know you are free.”

This is the permission Carrie needs to finally move on.

She also takes it as a sign that Big wants his ashes scattered in Paris, from “their bridge,” the Pont des Arts. (Which is basically every couple’s bridge, right? But Carrie is mourning so we’ll let her have it.) That’s the one on which he finally told Carrie that she was the love of his life, at the end of the original series.

So, in the Carrie-est of Carrie ways, she shows up to their old spot in an over-the-top gown, looking like a walking orange sherbet sundae, opens her totally impractical Eiffel Tower purse that is serving as a travel urn, and lets go of Mr. Big: his remains, and his ghost.

The scene is emotional, a little ridiculous, and somehow poignant, which is the haphazard combination this show thrives on.

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